AURAi is successfully used in multiple
industrial sectors and logistics
Every month, we check thousands of critical elements of railway trains and monitor the infrastructure objects of our clients to maintain uninterrupted movement of important cargo.
Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are implementing computer vision to increase the efficiency of many tasks where the cost of a human error can be very high. The AURAi platform provides high accuracy and speed by automating the function of visual inspection - from surface defect analysis to quality control.
Metallurgical companies use computer vision solutions to increase the operational efficiency of production processes. Thanks to its partnership with AURAi, enterprises have been able to develop innovative solutions for a large number of production processes. This has allowed for impressive results in terms of return on investment and significantly increased the profitability of the business.
Using image and video analysis, computer vision helps identify problems and optimize transportation and supply chain management processes. This increases their efficiency and safety and contributes to cost reduction.
The primary description of the core is an important stage of geological research, reflecting conditions in the drilling area. Traditional methods of description based on manual visual inspection are usually time-consuming and require a professional approach. AURAi solution allows the use of ultra-precise neural networks for automatic image prediction and core description.