The AURAi platform provides high accuracy and speed of a large number of visual inspection processes: from defect analysis to quality control
From a huge number of options AURAi solution can be used at manufacturing facility, the most practical one is visual quality control, which is effective at facilities of any size and in any sector.

In production, manual visual inspection is most often used to assess product quality and identify problems, which does not rule out errors. To maintain high standards, protect your brand and comply with legal requirements, a thorough and error-free inspection is essential.
Even at the most reputable, state-of-the-art, and staffed production sites, expert workers are not always available for visual inspections. They can also make mistakes by not paying attention to a problem or a minor defect. Moreover, visual checks take a lot of time from experts who could perform more intelligent tasks instead.

Computer vision in conjunction with machine learning can play a crucial role in the automation of visual inspection, non-contact measurements, and the detection of various defects and anomalies.