The platform for visual
inspection and control
The AURAi platform based on machine learning and computer vision algorithms is specifically designed for use in industrial fields. AURAi allows to detect defects and analyze complex graphical information.
  • High Performance
    One of the key features of AURAi - optimization and high performance of GPU computing
  • Fast Learning
    The platform can start detecting deviations after labeling just 100 images. After training on 100 reference or 100 defective images, AURAi will be able to produce results comparable to human expert
  • Ease of Implementation
    AURAi is ideal for the flexible and demanding nature of modern production or infrastructure projects. The platform supports several deployment models: cloud, server, hybrid
  • Engineering Team
    AURAi engineering team can help to integrate the components of the solution into the existing production landscape
  • Industrial Design
    If necessary, we can design a solution taking into account the hazardous operating conditions of an industrial company
  • Measurement Accuracy
    AURAi offers high-precision non-contact measurements of both static and moving objects
Industries already using AURAi
AURAi automates visual inspection of technical malfunctions, which helps to reduce down time, increases operational efficiency, and minimizes human error during the inspection of rolling stock
AURAi helps to dramatically improve the overall quality by automating the process of visual inspection and decrease costs by detecting any defects
AURAi allows remote and accurate classification of metal, identification of metal type, and determination of the percentage of non-metallic contaminants in the scrap
AURAi is able to recognize any graphical information on the packaging, which helps to optimize the packaging and loading of trucks
With AURAi, mining companies have the ability to quickly assess the presence of ore in the visible part of the core when conducting exploration drilling