Every month, we check thousands of critical elements of railway trains and monitor the infrastructure nodes of our clients to maintain uninterrupted movement of important cargo
Computer vision is increasingly used in some applied areas of railway transport. Such solutions are actively used for visual inspection of the elements of the upper structure of the track, maintenance of rolling stock as well as to check the integrity and operability of the main components of the rolling stock. AURAi is successfully used to tackle these and many other tasks.

AURAi is most often used:
  • For reading graphic information on the body of the car
  • To monitor the condition of the wheelset
  • For high-precision geometric measurements of various components of the freight cars and locomotives' undercarriage
Freight car repair depots are complex engineering enterprises with numerous business processes and a high level of manual labor. Each mistake can be very costly to the company: it can lead to additional expenses and penalties from the owners of the rolling stock. To eliminate errors related to the human factor, AURAi has developed the Digital Depot solution, which automates freight car and equipment checks, and digitalizes the control of spare parts used in repairs. The AURAi solution uses photo to capture and recognize freight car and part serial numbers, compares them to the car's passport, and creates a new record in the event of a part replacement.